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watertower (1) About Livingston County

Livingston County was created in 1837 and was originally inhabited by about 450 farmers and  small merchants. It is located in central Illinois northeast of Bloomington

A lush agricultural area, nearly 85% of the county is devoted to cropland. Irrigation is  provided, in part, by the Vermilion River which flows through the county on its way to the  Illinois River

For outdoor lovers, Humiston Woods Nature Preserve on Route 23 provides six trails that  meander through prairies and woods and along the side of rivers, creeks and ponds. A dazzling  in-season wildflower show awaits the hiker.

The county seat is Pontiac and the county population on July 1, 1999, was 39,639, an increase of 338 over the 1990 census.

Demographic Information
Livingston County as of census year 2000


Housing Units: 15,297.

Area: 1045 square miles.

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